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Test vectors for HMAC-SHA-3

This page originally provided some provisional test vectors for the HMAC-SHA-3 family of message authentication schemes using the SHA-3 secure hash algorithm (Keccak) published in October 2012. This turns out to have been premature.

Creating a MAC with SHA-3

From the Keccak page:

Unlike SHA-1 and SHA-2, Keccak does not have the length-extension weakness, hence does not need the HMAC nested construction. Instead, MAC computation can be performed by simply prepending the message with the key.

That is:

MAC(k, M) = SHA3(k || M).

There still might eventually be be an officially-approved HMAC construction using SHA-3. Let's wait and see.


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This page first published 2 November 2012. Last updated 16 August 2014.