Advanced features

Font size
Set your choice in Preferences to change the font size for the clock: Normal, Big or Bigger.

Normal font size

Big font size

Bigger font size

Show icon in system tray
Check the box in Preferences to have a Wclock icon in the system tray.

Right-click on this icon to Refresh the clock display, hide or show the clocks (see below), set your preferences, get help, or exit the Wclock program.
Hide the clocks
To hide the clock, use the Hide clocks option in either the system tray icon menu (right-click on the icon - see above) or the main menu (right-click somewhere in the clocks themselves - see below)

To restore the clocks, right-click on the system icon and choose Show clocks.

Note: This option to hide the clocks is not offered if the system icon is disabled.

Choose the Show Calendar option from the main menu to see a calendar.

The calendar always uses local time. Click on another date to see a count of the number of days from today.
Countdown timer
Choose the Countdown Timer option from the main menu to get a simple timer.

Set the time delay you require and click on Start. This will give a loud irritating "beeping" sound when it reaches zero. There is currently no option to change the sound. The timer is turned off and reset if you exit the Wclock program.
Capture Timestamp
Right-click on the clock you want and select Capture Timestamp to save the date and time for the selected clock to the clipboard.

The Timestamp Format can be chosen in the Preferences menu. Options are:
ISO 8601 complete date plus hours, minutes and seconds with time zone designator (Z or +hh:mm or -hh:mm)
ISO 8601 complete date plus hours, minutes and seconds.
International standard notation for the time of day.
Time of day with time zone designator.
24-character English-language 'asctime' representation of the current date and time in the form Www Mmm dd hh:mm:ss yyyy
Wed Apr 27 19:40:45 2022

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