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Wclock is a free, customisable, always-on-top world time clock for Windows computers.

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Wclock stays on top of all your windows and shows the time at various locations around the world. It just sits there quietly and tells the time until you exit the program. It makes no changes to your system's time settings. Wclock is a small, simple Win32 executable file wclock.exe which should work on any modern Windows platform. It comes with a help file and a customisable time zone data base file.

Wclock window example    Date option

Just released

2022-04-28: New version 1.6.5 released.

See Latest Time Zone File. The update availability should show as a red dot and will automatically install when you click Check for Updates > Install latest TZ info file. No need to restart the program.

Latest News


“ Neat little program. Actually, the best clock display program I've seen. Was recommended by a fellow Amateur radio operator. I think quite a few ham radio ops are using this program. ”
  - Todd.

“ Just celebrated my 10th anniversary as a happy user of wClock. ”
  - K.B.

“ I've been using wclock for about a year and just wanted to say thanks. I manage a team that works with offices in the US, The Netherlands, UK, Australia, and Macau. I tried a number of other world clock apps and none really worked quite the way I wanted. The always on top feature, and being able to customize things is great. ”
  - Brian.

“ Just writing to say thank you for the great work on Wclock. I work with colleagues and clients all over the world, and your clock is just about perfect. Great job, and thanks again. ”
  - Matt B.

“ Thank you so much for the Clock. I was without it for a week and realized how dependent on it i have become. Cheers, ”

“ This program is excellent - I have been carrying it with me for all the laptops (~10) I have - never failed to work. Thank you! ”

“ Your WClock program is a real gem! Thanks so much. I've downloaded a couple of similar programs over recent months and yours is by far the easiest to install and to operate. ”

“ At last I have found the perfect, easy to download and change clock from a pragmatic owner. Thanks! ”
  -Sheldon B.

“ Excellent program, by the way - I am a longhaul pilot with BA and I find the program invaluable when I am away on trips. ”
  -Jamie C.

“ Thanks for a great piece of software. So simple yet so effective. Keep up the good work! ”

“ Wclock has to be the most useful and effective software I've downloaded. Thank you so much! ”
  -Ana K.

“ Great tool for me to work out the time to call relatives all over the world. Thank you. Please keep up the good work. ”

“ It is such a simple to follow, discreet application. I have installed it on my mother's computer, her age 88, and her friend in England- in her 80's, and many others. It helps them instantly to adjust their communicating internationally, especially on Skype. ”
  -Graham D.

“ Hi this is really great. I tried many world clock apps and this is the best one for free. It is good not just for it's free but also it is strong in features, and simple! Nice job! Thank you! ”

“ It's perfect and this is what I want. Very good, thank you !! ”

“ Love your clock.... ”


Download and install the program on your system and then customise the individual clocks to suit your own requirements. Please read The Manual.

How to move the clock on your screen

To move the entire clock window, left-click in the BLACK area and keep the left mouse button pressed down while moving the clock to its new position. This new position will be remembered for next time.

left-click in the BLACK area to move

If, for some reason, this is not remembered, see My changes are not saved.

How to access the menu (and get Help)

To access the menu, right-click with the cursor anywhere over the clock and select one of the Menu Options. For help, select the, er..., Help option.

Right-click to access the menu

How to exit the program

Right-click to get the menu options and select Exit

Select Exit

How to start the program

Start > All Programs > Wclock

How to change an individual clock

To change an individual clock, right-click with the cursor above the clock and select Clock Properties. New! Note the new Format option ("www dd") to display the date in the form "Tue 4th".

Clock Properties Date option

How to view the current time in all time zones

To view the current time in all time zones currently provided, right-click and select Display all zones...

All Time Zones

Hover over city name to view details

Hold the cursor over the city name and the timezone/date/day-of-week will display. Don't click, just hover.

Hover to show day of week for city

How to show the Wclock icon

There should be an icon in the "system tray" a.k.a. the "taskbar" a.k.a. the "notifications area" at the bottom right of the screen, where the system clock usually shows.

system tray icon

Windows hides these icons by default if they are not being used. Right-click on the "Show hidden icons arrow to see it.

show hidden icons

show hidden icons

To set the icon to be permanently visible, click on the Customize... link, find the Wclock entry and choose the drop-down box for Show icon and notifications.

show icon and notifications

But I have Windows 8 and cannot see a start menu or the notifications area!

Mmm, yes, great design by Microsoft, isn't it? The new start menu in Windows 10 isn't much better (IOHO).

We recommend Classic Shell which gives you back the classic start menu.

How to set your preferences

Right-click and select Preferences.


How to hide the clocks

To hide the clocks, right-click anywhere in the Wclock window and select Hide clocks (or right-click on the Wclock icon in the system tray).

Hide clocks Hide clocks Show clocks

To restore, right-click on the Wclock icon in the system tray at the bottom right-hand side of your screen and select Show clocks.

If the clock has become lost by being obscured by other windows, use the Refresh option. To turn on the icon, set Show icon in system tray in the Preferences. More on this in the manual.

How to make the font size larger

Right-click anywhere in the clock and select Preferences to change the font size for the clock: Normal, Big or Bigger.

Normal font size

Big font size

Bigger font size

What's that red dot?

An update is available

The red dots are an indicator that an update is available, either for the time zone database, or for the Wclock program itself. See Automatic Update Feature.

What do the plus and minus signs mean?

A plus sign (+) before the time means that the time is the next day compared to your local time. A minus sign (-) means the time is the day before. This feature cannot be turned off.

Minus sign

In the example above, it is Wednesday in local time, but the minus sign before the time in Honolulu means it is still Tuesday there.

New in the latest version

Version 1.6.5 April 2022

Version 1.6.4 May 2020

Version 1.6.3 August 2017

Version 1.6.2 March 2017

Version 1.6.1 July 2016

Version 1.6.0 June 2015

Version 1.5.2 December 2012

Added option to show date instead of time: Date option. See How to change an individual clock.

Version 1.5 January 2012

See New features in version 1.5.

  1. Added option to hide the clocks and a new icon in the system tray which you can use to restore the clocks.
  2. Added a choice of two larger font sizes for the clock faces.
  3. Will now remember its last position properly on a dual-monitor system.
  4. Automatically saves any changes to the clocks or preferences immediately. Removed the now redundant "Save Settings" option.
  5. Increased the maximum number of individual clocks from 20 to 64.
  6. Added a "Refresh" option to repaint the clock display. This helps if the clock has been obscured.
  7. Added a calendar option, which will also compute the number of days from today to a given date.
  8. Added a countdown timer, which will set off an alarm after a given period of time.
  9. Added the option to Make a Donation to support development costs. [Removed in version 1.6.]

Automatic Update Feature

The automatic update feature is actually a notification of update availability. You can set in your preferences to check once a day if an update is available (this literally exchanges a few bytes each way with our web server). We have designed this to be as inobtrusive as possible so there are no annoying pop-ups.

If an update is available, it will show a red dot at the top of each clock. For more details, right-click and select Check for Updates. If you don't want to be reminded just now, check the Remind me later box on this menu. To turn off this feature, uncheck the Check for updates daily box on the Preferences menu. You can still do a manual check whenever you want.

To install the latest TZ info

  1. Right-click on the clock and select Check for Updates.
  2. Click on the Install latest TZ info file. This should download and install the latest time zone info (it should only take a few seconds).
  3. New in v1.6: Once the TZ info is downloaded and installed, the clock will restart automatically with the new settings. There may be a delay of a couple of seconds. The red dots should now be gone.
  4. Click on Close to close the window.
  5. Right-click on the clock and select Exit.
  6. Then start Wclock again. It should start without the red dot.

To install the latest version automatically

If a new version of Wclock is available, the red dots will show and the status message ATTENTION: a newer version of Wclock is available will show.

  1. Right-click on the clock and select Check for Updates.
  2. Click on the Get Latest Version button, which should be active.
  3. A (black) console window should appear for a few seconds showing progress on the download. You may get prompted by User Account Control to click "Allow program to make changes" (see below). Once completed, the program will restart with the new version.
  4. All done!

If this doesn't work for some reason, download the latest version from the Download page and install using the setup program. (Some Anti-Virus programs may interfere with the automatic installation. Version 1.6.3 has a fix for this.)

User Account Control may prompt you during installation...
UAC waiting for you UAC

Export and import settings

New in v1.6: These options are available in the Preferences menu.

Settings Export Import buttons

To export settings

  1. Right-click on the clock and select Preferences.
  2. Click on the Export button.
  3. Select a directory and filename: the default filename is wclock-settings.wclk. This is a text file. Keep this safe or copy to another machine.

To import settings

  1. Right-click on the clock and select Preferences.
  2. Click on the Import button.
  3. You will be warned:
    Import settings OK
  4. Use the Windows dialog to find the existing file and click on Open.
  5. You get a final chance to confirm:
    Import confirm
  6. Click on OK. The program should restart after a short delay with the new settings.

Rationale: Why yet another world time clock?

Yes, there are lots of other "world clocks" out there, some free, some not. Why on earth produce another? Well, it's purely self interest. We travel a lot between different cities in the world and find an "always-on-top" time display very useful. For a while we got very used to a particular free world-clock utility which sort of worked, but not quite. We couldn't find another that did what we wanted, so we wrote our own, and published the source code for others to make use of.

We hope that Wclock is a quiet, unassuming little program that doesn't hog memory, change settings, or do anything else other than just show the time. And, of course, gets it right. However, we humbly accept that our program, too, may have its problems at certain transition periods with daylight saving around the world, so please let us know if you find one.


Wclock is a simple Win32 executable file wclock.exe only 220 kB in size. The executable and setup programs are signed with our authenticated code-signing certificate (to check: right-click on the exe file then select Properties > Digital Signatures). Wclock comes with a help file and a customisable time zone database file.

Download it now and read the instructions above.

After installing, use the menu option Check for Updates to see if there is an update available for the time zone info database.

To copy your Wclock settings to another computer, see Export and import settings.

Latest Time Zone File

The latest version of the time zone database file wclocktz.ini with a time-stamp of 2022-10-31T17:38 is included in the latest distribution. Spare copy: wclocktz.ini (zipped, 2.4 kB).

Use the Check for Updates menu option to see the Current TZ info file details on your system. They should match the details below (unless you've edited it yourself).

Timestamp: 2022-10-31T17:38ZZ
Size:  5886 bytes
crc32: DE91169A

If a new TZ info file is available, click on the Install Latest TZ Info File button. Wclock should download the TZ info (it's a small file) and then automatically restart with the new info. If for some reason it doesn't restart, then manually exit and start the program again. (To exit: right-click on the clock and select Exit. To start again: Start > Programs > Wclock.)

Adding or changing time zone data

The following time zones are currently included:

  • Adelaide
  • Almaty
  • Amsterdam
  • Anchorage
  • Athens
  • Auckland
  • Bahrain
  • Baku
  • Bangkok
  • Beijing
  • Berlin
  • Bogata
  • Brisbane, QLD
  • Broken Hill, NSW
  • Brussels
  • Bucharest
  • Budapest
  • Buenos Aires
  • Cairo
  • Cape Verde
  • Caracas
  • Chicago
  • Christmas Is.
  • Cocos Is.
  • Costa Rica
  • Dakar
  • Darwin, NT
  • Delhi
  • Denver
  • Dubai
  • Dublin
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Eucla, WA
  • Halifax, NS
  • Helsinki
  • Hobart, TAS
  • Hong Kong
  • Honolulu
  • Istanbul
  • Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland
  • Jakarta
  • Jerusalem
  • Johannesburg
  • Kamchatka
  • Kathmandu
  • Kiev
  • Lagos
  • Lima
  • Lisbon
  • London
  • Lord Howe Is.
  • Los Angeles
  • Madrid
  • Mexico City
  • Montevideo
  • Moscow
  • Nairobi
  • New York
  • Norfolk Is.
  • Noumea
  • Paris
  • Perth
  • Phoenix
  • Port Moresby
  • Prague
  • Regina, SK
  • Rome
  • Santiago
  • Sao Paulo
  • Singapore
  • Sofia
  • South Georgia
  • St Johns, NL
  • Sydney
  • Taipei
  • Tokyo
  • Toronto
  • Tuvalu
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Vienna
  • Warsaw
  • Whitehorse, YT
  • Winnipeg
  • UTC (GMT)

We provide these time zone details in good faith but we don't offer to keep them rigorously up to date. Daylight saving rules are changed by the authorities frequently, or we may have made a mistake. Please make your own checks (this may require you staying up until 3 a.m. on certain days in March and October to observe a correct transition!). 2015-05-21: Thanks to "Greg" for telling us about Egypt stopping daylight saving in 2015.

The time zones included are either ones we find useful ourselves or have been added at the request of users. We deliberately don't include countries that require a change every year and it does not do obscure rules that involve, say, Easter or other religious holidays. See also My time zone is not included.

For more details on adding to or editing time zones, see Adding or changing time zone settings.

Note: if you make changes to the time zone info file or your computer's clock settings, exit the Wclock program and start it again.

My times are wrong

See Troubleshooting in the manual and Setting your system clock and time zone.

Important: If you've made changes to your system's time settings, you must exit the Wclock program and start it again.

My changes are not saved

I make changes to the clocks but after I reboot the changes have gone

We have had a few reports of this. The program is meant to save all changes to the user's personal registry immediately they are made, but sometimes, for some reason, it doesn't. We suspect it is some sort of protection issue on certain configurations of Windows.

Try making your changes, then

  1. Use the Save Settings option (see image below)
  2. then quit Wclock explicitly by using right-click-on-the clock then Exit.
  3. Then start again by doing Start > All Programs > Wclock.

If your change comes up this time, then it should be permanent.

Save Settings

If this does not work, then try uninstalling and then install again with a fresh download.

My clock sometimes disappears

We've noticed this happening occasionally, especially on Windows 10. The icon in the taskbar also disappears so you can't refresh it. A mystery.

To fix, start Wclock again by clicking on the Wclock icon on the desktop or in the start menu (Start > All Programs > Wclock). As of version 1.6.1 this will now give you an option to restart the Wclock program. Clicking Yes to restart the program should bring it back.


My clock is out of range when I change monitors

This may happen if you attach multiple external monitors and then disconnect them. Windows 10 seems to think it still has the "phantom" monitors attached and Wclock is out of range and not visible. As of v1.6.3 there is an option Reset position in the context menu of the icon in the system tray. This will reset the position of the clocks to the top left of your primary display.

Reset position

My time zone is not included


  1. Use an existing time zone that matches yours and change the title in Clock Properties; or
  2. Add a new entry to the wclocktz.ini file.

To add a new entry to wclocktz.ini, see the section Adding New Time Zones in the help file (right-click + Help...). Remember to exit the Wclock program and start it again after making a change to the wclocktz.ini file.

But if there is another city with the same time zone, then just use that. For example, if you live in Melbourne, you can use (at least at the time of writing this) the standard clock for Sydney. So hold your nose and add the Sydney time clock, then change the title of the clock (right-click + Clock Properties...) to Melbourne so it displays your appropriate city name. Similarly, you can use the Denver clock for Calgary, the Bangkok clock for Hanoi and Jakarta, and so forth.

We have tried to use the reference cities given in the IANA Time Zone Database wherever possible, so if you think your city has been unfairly omitted, please contact them.


To uninstall, first try using the standard uninstall option:

  1. Make sure the Wclock program is not running - right-click anywhere in the clock window and select Exit.
  2. In Windows 10/8/7/Vista: Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features
    XP and earlier: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
  3. Select Wclock and click on Change/Remove. This should start the uninstall program which will completely remove the program.

The above only applies if you installed Wclock using the WclockInst installation program we provided. You must have administrator privileges to remove it. If Wclock does not appear in the Add/Remove list of currently installed programs, follow the instructions below.

Wclock still won't go away!

If you are experiencing difficulties in uninstalling Wclock from your system and the instructions above do not work, follow these instructions:

  1. You must have administrator privileges when un-installing.
  2. Make sure the Wclock program is not running - right-click in the black area of the clock and select Exit.
  3. Start > Settings > Taskbar and Start Menu > Advanced tab > Advanced button (or similar, the exact choices depend on what version of windows you have)
  4. This should put you in Explorer display in a folder called Start Menu.
  5. Go down into the folder Start Menu\Programs\Startup and delete the shortcut Wclock, if present.
  6. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder C:\Program Files\Wclock or C:\Program Files (x86)\Wclock on a 64-bit machine (thanks, Bill).
  7. If the file wclock.exe is still there, delete it.
  8. To complete the removal, delete the entire folder C:\Program Files\Wclock and any other files in there.

If you cannot find the wclock.exe file or the C:\Program Files\Wclock folder, use Windows Explorer and do a search for the file wclock.exe. When you find it, right-click on the file and select Properties and check under the Version tab that the company name really is DI Management Services (you wouldn't want to delete someone else's program of the same name). Then delete the file. Repeat the search until there are no more copies of the file on your system.

Source Code

The source code files for Wclock are available under a GPL License. Wclock is written in pure ANSI C. The executable provided was compiled using Microsoft Visual C++ 12 (MSVC 2013). The same source code should also compile using MSVC++6/7/8/9/... and (with limitations) Borland C++5. We've tested it on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, W98 and W95 platforms.

Source code: wclock-1.4.0.src.zip (62 kB). [MD5 signatures signed with our PGP key].

If you make changes and recompile, you are on your own.

Techniques used

The Wclock program demonstrates the following Win32 programming techniques:-

We've also re-written the 'localtime' function from Arthur David Olson's localtime.c source code, so it can be called repeatedly without using static variables, looking for any files, or using or setting any environment variables. Instead, the user passes a time_t value and a POSIX.1 TZ string and the function returns a broken-down time structure set with the correct local time. The complicated code is "hidden" behind an opaque pointer named TZ_T and only the relevant functions are exposed to the user.

Planned Improvements

Many people have written to suggest improvements. Thank you. We are grateful for the feedback. The most popular in recent years have been:

  1. Capture a timestamp from the clock to the clipboard - doneYes
  2. Fix the display on high-contrast monitor settings - doneYes
  3. Add an option to increase the font size - doneYes
  4. Add some option to temporarily hide the clock - doneYes
  5. Make it remember its position on a dual-monitor setup - doneYes
  6. Add an option to show the date instead of the time - doneYes
  7. Make the clock not always on top - doneYes
  8. Add an option to display the times vertically down the page instead of horizontally (still pending, I'm afraid).
  9. Make the clock go transparent - sorry, can't be done.

Is Wclock a trojan?

It's come to our attention that some of the more paranoid AV products are showing our Wclock executable as a trojan, usually of the category Trojan.Downloader.Gen.

It's not. This is a false-positive. Send the executable directly to the AV company and they'll give it the all clear (if you can figure out how to do that - they make it very difficult to do).

We suspect the problem was probably caused by using UPX to compress the executable. We've stopped using it as of version 1.6.1. This bloated out the executable size from 88 kB file to an enormous 222 kB.

The executable is signed with our code authentication certificate issued to "D.I. Management Services Pty Limited" (for which we pay a lot of money). The full open-source source code with MD5 checksums and digital signatures is published on this page and you are welcome to check it yourself to see there is no malicious code (and don't worry about the function searchDriveForCreditCardDetailsAndSendToRussianServer :-).

Revision History

Wclock was originally published 30 April 2005. Latest EXE version compiled 28 April 2022.


Time zone handling
The time zone handling code in 'tz.c' is derived from public domain software 'localtime.c' originally written by Arthur David Olson (version 7.91, downloaded April 2005).
Installation program
The installation program was created using NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) available from http://nsis.sourceforge.net/.
Executable compression
The executable was compressed using UPX, the Ultimate Packer for eXecutables available from http://upx.sourceforge.net. (Sorry, guys, it triggered too many false positives with the not-so-good anti-virus programs)

Contact us

Any comments, feedback, questions please send us a message.

This page last updated: 31 October 2022


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I love the simplicity, its tiny but very pratical and does what it should do. Can't you make a look alike for the iPad? -Bert

Bert | The Netherlands - Thu, Sep 23 2010 19:45 GMT

Thanks for the very handy application. Can you add an option to make it not always on top of other windows?

Paul | - Thu, Oct 7 2010 09:12 GMT

thank you for a brilliant app !! great effort and creds to you for being a gent and dedicating it to your wife !

FrankG | Brisvegas - Mon, Nov 1 2010 13:00 GMT

Nice & Beautiful Application. Add an option to increase the font size.

Vinit | Panchkula,India - Sat, Dec 4 2010 05:27 GMT

Hey guys, wclock is simply superb!! I am Production Support man and this helps me lotttts. Thankyou!

Wilson Jesudas | Mumbai, India. - Fri, Dec 10 2010 05:07 GMT

Firstly I would like to say thanks because it is really easy-to-use, customized and clear clock for me...I would like to suggest that to add a "date" display besides of time (just like a column that can add for any time zone) so it will be better (and not so difficult to do!)

Patrick | - Fri, Jan 7 2011 01:53 GMT

@Patrick: if you hold your mouse over the upper grey part of a clock it will give you the date.

Dave | Moderator - Fri, Jan 7 2011 12:40 GMT

Dear Dave,

You are correct - moving mouse to the wclock can always show the date. But I think it won't hurt if there is an option that the date (local time) is always shown just like the time. I think it will make wclock more powerful and looks more professional - just my two cents...

Patrick | - Tue, Jan 11 2011 05:13 GMT

Good point, Patrick. We'll add it to the list of things to do. It may some time, though.

Dave | Moderator - Wed, Jan 12 2011 12:41 GMT

I found wclock recently and started using it for my windowns7 platform and i find that it keeps falling behind other windows. I've tried disabling themes and disabling window animations but wclock continues to fall behind other windows. Do you know of a solution to fix this?

Very nice application, extremely easy to jump into and edit to your own personal preference. Thank you for making wclock.

Kaedrian | - Sat, Jan 22 2011 20:18 GMT

The best yet just what I needed when chatting on the web to people all over the world.

Boris | - Sun, Jan 23 2011 04:25 GMT

@Kaedrian: Unavoidable I'm afraid. It's programmed to be 'always on top' and that always used to work. But now other programs also seem to do the same and they win. Visual Studio is a bad culprit. If you're Microsoft, you can override your own 'always on top' rules.

If anyone has any suggestions how to overcome this - the source code is there - please let us know.

Dave | Moderator - Mon, Jan 24 2011 10:32 GMT

The clock is great! I am a Forex trader and currency markets open and close at their respective times. Is there a way to signal open and close market times by the color of the respective clocks (Specifically, Sydney, Tokyo, London, and NY clocks)? Take for example a NY clock; when it is Green in color it signifies the market is open, when it is Yellow in color, it signifies 5 minutes prior to the market close, and when the NY clock is in Red it signifies the market is closed.

Moe | Las Vegas, Nevada - Sat, Jan 29 2011 00:06 GMT

Moe, we'll add that to the list of things to do as well. No promises at this stage.

Dave | Moderator - Sun, Jan 30 2011 04:42 GMT

I followed your instruction to hold my mouse over the upper grey area of the clock will show the date too, but mine won't show?? Did I do something wrong?? Why?? Let me know. Thanks

wnfaknd | - Tue, Feb 1 2011 05:55 GMT

Regarding the "always-on-top" issue. One of the problems I have, is that when it stops being on top, it is hard to find again. It is not there on my task bar and does not appear using Alt-tab.

SteveS | UK - Mon, Feb 7 2011 15:30 GMT

Steve S: Do you have two monitors? It's annoying hard to reproduce the problem when you want to. One cause seems to be when you have, say, Firefox open in the 2nd monitor and you open a 2nd instance which decides to display in the 1st monitor. Wclock disappears and only comes back when you close the 2nd Firefox window.

I think one solution may be to have a Wclock icon in the tray with refresh and minimize options. I'd avoided doing that previously because I hate clutter in the tray (aka notification area), but with Vista/W7's auto hide, that's less of an issue. Something else to add to the to-do list.

Dave | Moderator - Wed, Feb 9 2011 10:15 GMT

Thanks for the creator..

Keeping Fast phase, Future generations, continuous improvements etc in mind.. lol

Is there an option to get country specific currency with the time..

Thank you

Arun | - Mon, Apr 11 2011 06:04 GMT

I can only say: Thanks VERY much! Great job on this app

Andre | Sydnay, Australia - Tue, Apr 19 2011 04:11 GMT

very good. I use it a lot.

Is it possible to include time format = HH: to show the hour only? This can save me precious screen space!

Andre | - Tue, Apr 19 2011 04:15 GMT

Hey, great app, but I still don't know how to update when DST begins or finish in the other countries. Please Help!!

Erich Pina | Toluca, Mexico - Mon, Apr 25 2011 22:14 GMT

Erich: It's automatic.

If you need to add more countries, see http://www.di-mgt.com.au/wclock/tz.html

Dave | Moderator - Tue, Apr 26 2011 07:02 GMT

Thank you very much for the wonderful watch.

Santosh Mahadap

santosh | India - Fri, May 13 2011 14:58 GMT

Thank you for a great application. It is always tempting to keep adding functionality but that might trun it into a bloated application that there are already so many of. However, I do have a request - could you indicate when it is a public/bank holiday in a timezone somehow (colour/asterisk?). This would be extremely useful for me as I communicate on a daily basis with 12 locations (from San Francisco, USA to Sydney, Australia)and it is not always obvious when some folks are on holiday.

Robbie | London, UK - Mon, Jun 6 2011 16:31 GMT

Robbie: A very hard one indeed to do. Public holidays change all the time, and are often local to the city or state as well. Imagine maintaining a database of public holidays around the world! It makes handling time zones look very easy.

Dave | Moderator - Thu, Jun 9 2011 05:46 GMT

Its nice tool it help me a lot. But we cant move the clock

Vikas Nirmal | - Sun, Jun 12 2011 15:56 GMT


Dave | Moderator - Sun, Jun 12 2011 23:25 GMT

I just downloaded this and installed on laptop. It appears to be pretty and what I wanted. As per your revision version 1.3.0 it sstates that when I mouse hovers over clock it should show dates, which i am not seeing could one of you please explain. I am interested in seeing time zone for different country with different dates. EG: sydney and Los Angles.

Also I am trying to find out if this clock has an option to include the day along with the time. something like Current example : Seattle:Wed 7:23 PM ; Sydney:Thur 12.33PM

JayLog | Sydney - Thu, Jun 16 2011 02:33 GMT

JayLog: We don't know why this feature doesn't work on some people's systems. It works on all our test systems: W7, Vista, XP, 2000, even W98. We can't find a way not to make it work!

When it does work, it shows the day of the week, e.g. "AEST: Friday, 17 June 2011". There is no option to show the day of the week in the actual clock itself.

Dave | Moderator - Fri, Jun 17 2011 02:59 GMT

First, great program and thank you!

Question - is their a way to run this within a power point slide or standard HTML web page?

Regards, Danny

Danny | Dallas, Texas - Wed, Jun 29 2011 18:43 GMT

Danny: Sorry, no there isn't. It's just a simple program that only runs on Windows.

Dave | Moderator - Wed, Jun 29 2011 22:20 GMT

I have updated the timezones that i would like to follow, but the Wclock resets itself to default everytime i restart the computer. Why is it and how can i avoid it?

Dharani | China - Mon, Jul 4 2011 07:28 GMT

Dharani: There is a "Save Settings" choice on the menu which needs to be used. We programmed it so there was a reminder to save when you closed down Windows, but this doesn't work so well in Vista and W7 as it did with XP and before.

Anyway, this requirement to save the settings will be removed in the next update. (coming soon, yes, yes,...)

Dave | Moderator - Mon, Jul 4 2011 09:38 GMT

This is the most useful piece of software I have found in many years. I guess we should thank your lovely wife Veenu.

Don | Australia - Sat, Jul 9 2011 05:07 GMT


Edwin | - Tue, Sep 13 2011 13:54 GMT

I have an external monitor attached to my Dell Latitude E4300 Laptop and have extended the Windows Desktop across both screens with the external monitor set as the Primary Device. I start up Windows with Wclock on the secondary Laptop screen which all works just fine. The issue I am experiencing is when I right-click on Wclock to adjust settings, the right-click menu appears on the primary screen. It all works fine to change settings etc., this is more of a cosmetic issue.

BTW, love Wclock, Thanks.

Robbie Mahon | Woking, UK - Mon, Sep 19 2011 16:54 GMT

Robbie: this will be fixed in the next update ... when we have time to finish it!

Dave | Moderator - Mon, Sep 19 2011 20:10 GMT

I would like to know, how to move it at corner. Its disturbing view of screen.

dhananjay v | India, Mumbai - Tue, Sep 27 2011 07:25 GMT

dhananjay: See the Wclock web page under "How to move the clock on your screen"


(and the response to Vikas on June 12th)

Dave | Moderator - Wed, Sep 28 2011 05:58 GMT

Hey Dave, I love the clock, too, but I also at times would like the option for it NOT to be always on top.

Tracy | New Jersey, USA - Fri, Sep 30 2011 19:17 GMT


I want to move the Clock to the Top center of my screen. But it does not allow me to do so.

Will it be possible for you to make it capable of moving anywhere on screen?

Thanks, Jiten

Jiten | india - Wed, Oct 19 2011 05:29 GMT

I use Wclock for a few yesrs now and it is the best world clock application I found until now. For me, the only feature missing, is that it is always on top and there is no way of changing it (I would like it, at least in some cases, to be under all other windows).

Boaz | Israel - Sun, Oct 23 2011 07:25 GMT

Boaz, Tracy: In the next release, we will be adding a feature that allows you to hide or show the clocks using an icon in the taskbar.

Dave | Moderator - Tue, Oct 25 2011 10:37 GMT

Jiten: see the link under the reply to dhananjay on Sept 28th.

Dave | Moderator - Tue, Oct 25 2011 10:38 GMT

Can I we get the old version of software added to the page?

I liked one of your earlier version of the software where all the time was displayed on one line. It was very compact and less space consuming.

Regardless, I love your software.

Thanks iam the maharishi

iam the maharishi | Milwaukee, WI, US - Tue, Dec 13 2011 23:34 GMT

iam the M: All versions of Wclock have had the same layout of exactly the same size. There isn't an earlier version on one line.

Dave | Moderator - Wed, Dec 14 2011 05:29 GMT

Hi Dave,

It has been a year since your mentioned the update that will be able to toggle Always On Top. Any news on a release date yet? I have been waiting for this for so long.

Rob | Australia - Wed, Dec 14 2011 04:23 GMT

OK, Rob from Australia and all you others. There's a new release version 1.5 out today which includes an option to hide the clocks.

Dave | Moderator - Wed, Jan 4 2012 04:34 GMT

Awesome job, I would suggest if you can add this feature.. such as " When the time is " function from Qclock. Bcoz of that function i m forced to use this Qclock.

madhan | - Thu, Jan 19 2012 14:39 GMT

Good! To be the best I think that add not always on top of windows.

JZ | - Thu, Mar 8 2012 07:52 GMT

JZ: A bit hard for a product that advertises itself as an "always on top" clock. It's either always on top or it's permanently hidden at the bottom of the pile.

There is now an option to hide the clock and leave an icon in the taskbar to reactivate it, which we hope will make it more convenient for users.

Dave | Moderator - Thu, Mar 8 2012 13:54 GMT

Love this little app, but I cannot save my clock changes. The preferences are saved for font and tray icon. If I add, change or delete a clock, it is not saved. I am using Windows7 home premium.

Mike | United States - Wed, Mar 21 2012 00:11 GMT

Mike: Try adding, changing or deleting a clock and then immediately exiting the Wclock program (right-click then select 'Exit'). Then start again (Start > All Programs > Wclock).

All we can think of is that something unusual happens when Windows finishes so your changes are not saved. Does anybody else have this problem?

Dave | Moderator - Wed, Mar 21 2012 11:24 GMT

The app is so good that I have hidden the original Windows XP clock from the toolbar. One suggestion - It would be great to have the DATE format in the 'clock properties'.

R | Australia - Sun, May 20 2012 22:00 GMT

Handy application. I am using it since 2 years. But the earlier version had the Always-On-Top option which is missing in the latest version. Is it possible to have the earlier versions also available? If we want the clock without the new features, we can use it.

Satya | Brisbane - Wed, Aug 22 2012 02:21 GMT

Satya: there is no difference in the always-on-top programming in the latest version compared to any of the earlier ones. It's just that more and more other programs fail to respect it, especially Microsoft ones! There never was an option for it.

Dave | Moderator - Wed, Aug 22 2012 05:04 GMT

With regard to Always-On-Top would it be possible to have AN OPTION in settings for WClock to check every [5 minutes, 1 hour] whether it is on top or not and if not, reset it's ontopness?

Peter | United Kingdom - Thu, Sep 20 2012 17:26 GMT

Peter: As far as we know there is not a way to do that. Wclock is already programmed to be a window that is "always on top". That's why we added a Preference to show the icon in the system tray. If it gets hidden, a right-click on the icon will put Wclock back on top.

Dave | Moderator - Fri, Sep 21 2012 00:15 GMT

Hi Dave,

Awesome!, Love this app, Is it possible to have AN OPTION in setting and /or program to an "Automatic hide" the Clock after a few seconds , when the Clock is not in use, and it will appear again when the cursor touched / pointed to the clock, where the clock is located or position. And, Is it possible to the Clock to be TRANSPARENT , when the cursor touch and/or pointed to clock, if the clock is always on TOP.

Thank you so much.

Ajun | Canada - Sat, Dec 22 2012 20:33 GMT

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