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About this site

This whole site at https://www.di-mgt.com.au was created entirely in "raw" HTML by David Ireland using the free Notepad++ text editor. All files were uploaded and managed with the WinSCP SFTP client.

This site is hosted by HostDash Blazing Fast Hosting whom we highly recommend.

No nasties here

There are no Java applets, Flash gizmos, Megabyte video downloads, or other nasties anywhere on this site. We don't use cookies, except for our client private login pages, and even then the pages work with cookies disabled. A few pages might use a few JavaScript tricks, but none rely on it. Otherwise everything else is just plain HTML.

Er, actually, ...

OK, so now we do actually use some Javascript and even first-party cookies

We make use of the JavaScript utility MathJax to display mathematics on some pages.
We use the excellent Javascript jqPlot plotting and charting plugin to create graphs for our chi-square and binomial distribution statistics calculators.
PHP scripts
Some PHP scripts require first-party cookies to be accepted. Most sites like Facebook and gmail require this these days, so it's no big deal. These cookies are only used for the duration of the session and don't track.



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This page last updated 5 August 2023