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Online XML Digital Signature Verifier

The Online XML Digital Signature Verifier verifies XML documents signed using XML-DSIG.

This version was first published in November 2022 (updated 2023-07-18). It is a replacement for the original previously here but sadly retired as of October 2022. See Acknowledgements.

You can copy/paste your XML data or upload a file.

In general you must include a <KeyValue>/<RSAKeyValue> element in the <KeyInfo> element unless the signing certificate has been issued by a supported CA certificate (below). For more details, see The KeyInfo element.

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See Troubleshooting problems on the 'Online XML Digital Signature Verifier' for more help in interpreting results and fixing problems, and some examples.

Supported CA certificates

The following CA certificates are supported:

  1. lamps-ca.rsa.cer from [RFC9216]
  2. CarlRSASelf.cer from [RFC4134]

If you use one of the following signing certificate/private key pairs to sign an XML-DSIG document you do not need to provide a <RSAKeyValue> element - just a <X509Certificate> element is sufficient.

Download the above files in various binary/PEM formats as a zip file.

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The Online XML Digital Signature Verifier is based on

XML Security Library (xmlsec) | libXML2 | OpenSSL

in particular the xmlsec1 library under License.

Updated July 2023

2023-07-18. After changing servers to a new 64-bit platform, we have updated from using the code in xmldsigverify.c to just using the verify command in the xmlsec1 library. This results in slightly different output than before, so you will see "OK" and "FAIL" instead of "RESULT: Signature is OK" and "RESULT: Signature is INVALID".



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This page first published 15 November 2022. Last updated 18 July 2023.